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Become a Zoé Fellow

By contributing, you join us as a fellow and take part in bringing Zoé's vision into life.

You will be invited to a range of personalised and curated community experiences and have the opportunity to experience the Zoe's Salon.

We invite you to make a contribution that feels both meaningful and comfortable.

Fellow Benefits

A Personal Journey

We understand that each fellow is on a distinct journey.

By being a Fellow, you will receive invitations to various experiences that align with your interests and connect you with symbiotic individuals.

We create a unique and meaningful experience for each individual, ensuring that your time with us is tailored to your journey.

My Interests

You will be invited to experiences based on your preferences

Curated Constellations

Curation of fellow’s constellations based on the most potent connections and experiences

Unlock Potential

By bringing together the world's brightest minds and most compassionate hearts, we cultivate an environment where synergy and trust flourish.

The Ripples

We Echo Together


Social Impact

Engage in initiatives and projects that create positive social impact, joining forces with others to address pressing issues and contribute to a more equitable and sustainable society.


Hope & Inspiration

We believe that collective efforts can bring about positive change, and through our shared experiences and discussions, we ignite the spark of inspiration in each other.


True Friendships

We provide a space where individuals can authentically connect, support each other, and build lasting bonds.


Inner Growth

Through self-reflection exercises, meaningful discussions, and immersive experiences, Zoé helps you develop a deeper understanding of yourself, your values, and your purpose