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A Zoé Experience at Yoko Village

24th-28th July, 2024

Zutphen ,The Netherlands

We are hosting a 5-day experience for a group of hand-picked, unique individuals that invites us to connect, get inspired, and contemplate the potential of a cooperative future.

Together, we are building a community that supports us in connections to Self, Others, and Nature.

This experience includes unique workshops, thoughtful speakers, live performers, and community gatherings.

We will create deep connections, align around what truly matters to us, appreciate the beauty that life offers and explore where we can collaborate and co-create together.

The Essence

In a world of accelerating technology, it is even more important to connect to what makes us humans.

Deep Connection & Trust

Trust promotes the movement of energy within systems, cultivating collaboration, resource circulation, and win-win dynamics.

man speaking at dinner - value alignment

Alignment of values

How would a world based on deep connection with oneself, each other and nature, look like?

What are the fundamental values we care about?

Coordination & Creation

Synergy is when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Let's create a shared story of values and real trust.

How can we support each other in creating a more beautiful and just world?

What to expect?

Join a group of remarkable individuals
For 5 days of navigation between deep connection activities and intellectual conversations.

sound healing - deep connection

Soften our Heart

Deep Connection

Together we embark on meditative sound journeys, hike through the wonders of nature, and engaging in deep conversation within small groups, questing deeper into the mysteries of the self.

Sitting at dinner - Elysium

Awaken our Senses


Radical playfulness awaits, where curiosity is encouraged, courage is fostered, and freedom is found through presence and simplicity.

Every moment is an invitation to embrace the beauty and harmony accessible through birth-given technology.

Our Senses.

man standing on stage holding a flag - symposium
Open our Mind


Open your mind and share your thoughts, as we convene in an unconference-style circles on the most intriguing challenges and opportunities of our world.

A playground for curious and inquisitive minds, where unexpected and surprising ideas flourish.

The topics covered may range from emerging trends and technologies to social issues and personal development.

Registration & Contribution

We invite participants to share the costs of their food and accommodation. A basic participation contribution is 460 which includes 3 meals a day. In addition, participants choose their accommodation preference.


You can bring your own tent an enjoy the beautiful outdoors

No additional cost

Camper Van

You can bring your own camper van and you will be able to connect to water and electricity

Starting at

200 EUR


You can book a glamping experience for up to 4 people

Starting at

330 EUR

Click to Apply
“There are only two ways
to live your life.

One is as though 
nothing is a miracle.

The other is as though 
everything is a miracle”

Albert Einstein


Explore the beauty of nature with our glamping experience, complete with comfortable, furnished spaces and the choice of private bathroom facilities. If you prefer, you're welcome to use your own tent or campervan for a custom camping adventure."


Enjoy three daily meals that balance nutrition and taste. Our menu is carefully curated with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients to offer a delightful and healthy dining experience.

Kids Friendly

For families coming with their kids, there will be a children space with curated content and a dedicated team.

Our Schedule

Join us on a 5 day journey to Connect, Envision, Appreciate and Create.

Open Full Schedule

An amazing team building the future of community and work. Thank you for everything you do. 🙏🏽

Val-Pierre Genton

Father of 3 | Impact-driven Entrepreneur with 2 Exits | Inner Development Student & Guide | Musician

YokoVillage festival this month was filled with incredible topics from permaculture to blockchain to community building and trauma healing. It was a magical week. I’m excited to see all that YOKO is doing for the land, her people, the animals and the global citizens who will now call this paradise home.

Dr. Veronica Ruelas

Optometrist | Entrepreneur | Published Author | Influencer | Philanthropist

If you dream of paradise, beauty, and oneness with nature, then that dream is a true reality at Yoko Village! The beauty and serenity of this place left me speechless. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a rejuvenating getaway!

Dr. JaBaris Swain

Cardiothoracic Transplant Surgeon

"It was a blast and a fantastic experience! The event took place in a stunning venue, and the atmosphere and the crowd were incredible. I had the opportunity to meet wonderful people from various fields and share ideas and experiences with them.‍I was touched to hear the stories and experiences of each participant and learn from them.I highly recommend anyone looking for an interesting and beneficial experience to participate in "Zoe".‍I'm confident that you will have an amazing time just like I did!"

Golan Bar-Yosef

Editor-In-Chief, Maariv

"...During the weekend, I met amazing individuals, to being with, I only learned their name, and as the weekend developed, I learned more about their nature, their dreams, their fears, their work and even more, I learn about our shared nature, shared dreams, shared fears and life experiences, and about the potential impact, together, on the world. This weekend was a lot about the community, but not less, it was a lot about myself, my journey, my being vs. my doing. It was magical. It is amazing what a 3-day retreat can do, and how beautiful and meaningful connections can be formed, for life. I only wish I had the chance to meet and connect with all the amazing individuals that were with us. But I know Zoe just started, and I look forward to many future opportunities for that. Thank you for that."

Ifat Bechor

Chief Executive Officer, Unistream

“Participating in Zoe was transformational. Over the course of a weekend, the team facilitated us through very thoughtful and groundbreaking experiences. I have built new friendships and new partnerships to co-create and contribute to a more positive world moving forward. I highly recommend attending this amazing experience for anyone in a leadership role and anyone who is working to impact the world.”

Eran Sandhaus

Co-Founder & Managing Partner, J-Impact


Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring with me?
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  1. Open mind and curiosity: Come with an open mind, a willingness to engage, and a curiosity to explore new ideas and perspectives.
  2. Comfortable clothing: Dress comfortably and according to the weather conditions. We recommend wearing layers to adjust to different temperature settings. Don't forget to bring swimwear if you wish to enjoy the pool, hot tub and sauna facilities.
Who will be attending this event?
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There will be creators, visionaries and leaders. They will range between artists, tech executives, philosophers, venture capitalists, philanthropists and more.

Will food & accommodations be provided for participants?
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Your participation includes three delightful meals daily. During registration, you’ll have the opportunity to select from a variety of accommodation types to suit your preferences

Can I bring a guest or companion to The Zoé Experience?
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Yes, you can bring a Plus-One with you as well as children.

What is the purpose of The Zoé Experience?
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The Zoé Experience is designed to explore the potential of a cooperative future, integrating technology and shared human values to create a more harmonious world.

Are Zoé Experiences open to the general public?
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No, Zoé Experiences are exclusive, invite-only events.

How long is the the Zoé Experience?
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It starts on Wednesday (24th) at 10:00 AM and ends on Sunday (28th) at 16:00 PM.

About Zoé

Zoé is an organization dedicated to creating a global community of visionaries and change-makers, that foster trust, aligning around shared values and creating impactful initiatives in the world.

About Yoko

Yoko Village is creating a global community of eco-villages in the Netherlands and Costa Rica. By establishing communal conscious spaces and second homes in rural areas, Yoko aims to foster prosperity, freedom, peace, and belonging. Read more

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