This is not a website,

it’s an invitation to a deep connection
to yourself, your fellow humans, and nature

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Zoé is committed to fostering trust, alignment of values and collective synergy and coordination; among value driven individuals and organisations.

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What we do

The acceleration of technology calls
for a rediscovery of our human essence.

We create experiences

We invite individuals & organisations to our experiences focused on trust, mutual alignment and synergy. These range from off-sites, gatherings, workshops and retreats. Both offline & online.

man speaking at dinner - value alignment

We are a community

Zoé is a community of of impact driven individuals who are connected to their minds, hearts and are passionately participating in creating a more beautiful and just world.

The Fundamentals

Zoé's Main Pillars

sound healing - deep connection

Soften our Heart

Connection & Trust

Connection begins with being fully present in the moment, which allows us to listen deeply to ourselves and others.

This deep listening leads to authentic expression, where we share our true selves, including our thoughts and feelings, without filters.

Expressing ourselves authentically fosters trust which is the foundation of a strong connection.

Sitting at dinner - Elysium

Awaken our Senses

A Shared Narrative

Our world is abundant with soul-touching melodies, varied flavours, diverse scents, stunning landscapes, a range of emotions, and limitless ideas.

What is the future we wish to create and be part of? Within this future, how does education look like? or technology?. What are the fundamental values and make the fabric of such future?

Through conversations and debates, we deepen into the direction we wish to sail towards.

man standing on stage holding a flag - symposium

Open our Mind

Synergy & Coordination

There are many areas in which we can make our world more sustainable and just. Areas such as education, health, ecology, responsible technology and more.

Harnessing our collective abilities in these sectors can create impactful changes.

By fostering engagement and connections among individuals and institutions, we amplify our shared responsibility.

The Ripples

We Echo Together


Social Impact

Engage in initiatives and projects that create positive social impact, joining forces with others to address pressing issues and contribute to a more equitable and sustainable society.


Hope & Inspiration

We believe that collective efforts can bring about positive change, and through our shared experiences and discussions, we ignite the spark of inspiration in each other.


True Friendships

We provide a space where individuals can authentically connect, support each other, and build lasting bonds.


Inner Growth

Through self-reflection exercises, meaningful discussions, and immersive experiences, Zoé helps you develop a deeper understanding of yourself, your values, and your purpose

A Journey.

Zoé invites you to a journey of connection to yourself, your fellow humans and nature

Celebrating the Essence of Connection

Our curated immersive experiences are designed to foster authentic communication, intellectual stimulation, and mutual support.

The Zoé Experience
Zoé Symposium
Zoé Elysium

Our Team

Fuelling the Zoé Journey

Daniel Leviathan
Co-Founder, Curator
Michael Matias
Co-Founder, Chairman
Maayan Ivgi
Amnon Barnea
Adi Noah
Alex Zak